Turn your event upside down!

Essay Boyca established in 2023, Holland.

They bring you Electropunk, a mix of UK Breakbeat, Rock, Drum’n bass, Hip hop, Crunch and Techno.… Unchained & Untamed!


The band

Milow Turbo

Writer / Composer / rapper

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Milow turbo (Peter Niemeyer) is also known as Techno DJ 69 Starfighter. Together with Dona King they made more than 70 singles. The big succes came in 2020 with their Techno hit : Cinema Airport – Megaboy which was used as the theme of AWAKENINGS FESTIVAL 2020 and released on their own label Foltroom. Also the famous DJ Rush used the track as his theme.The track was played more than 2 million times. Milow Turbo says that he’s tired to make Techno music because there is to much conflict of interest by the bookers who’s protecting their own business and DJ’s. “Electropunk is my favorite music inspired by The Prodigy” and there are not many producers who can produce this typical sound.

Dona King

Producer / manager

Puk Bannov

Vocals / Live PA

Michel “Bonche”